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What is the difference between the two t-shirts in this picture?  One supports Donald Trump for President and the other, of course, Hillary Clinton.  Beyond that, the t-shirts allow us to explore a present-day archeological dig and the artifacts of different cultures.  One campaign looks to the future.  The other leaves it blank. Airports are […]

On “This Week,” with George Stephanopoulos Sunday morning, George asked, “Can Donald Trump be stopped?” My awkward response was, “What if he already is?”  With that, let me offer an admittedly contrarian argument that Donald Trump has not yet sealed up the GOP nomination — and Saturday in SC may have been the turning point […]

Welcome to the real start of the 2016 GOP nomination process.  This is what the World Wide Wrestling Federation would look like if Vince McMahon had not rigged the cage matches. With a complete lack of confidence in my ability to predict the outcome of this episode of Wrestlemania, let’s look at the state of […]


Thank you, road

She is beautiful and virginal, the freshly paved road guiding me to my office this morning. She lies there immobile, flat and black as the American coal industry. She stretches out before me like our debt.

Tears of gratitude, impervious to my windshield wipers, overwhelm me. I’m sure these other drivers, rising to work while others snooze, feel the same.

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